Nestled deep in the knobs of Kentucky sits one of the best kept secrets of the South.  Welcome to Singe City!  We are a small intimate burner community that follows the 10 Principles with a twist of southern hospitality.  For the last 14 years, Reclaimation has welcomed burners from near and far to come sit a spell and experience, as well as participate in, hillbilly ingenuity. One visit to this down-home regional and you will want to start marking the 2nd weekend in May as the “Burns Family Reunion” on your calendar for years to come!

Reclaimation, yes spelled as such, gets its name from the practices that started it all. One of the core tenants of the burn is to use “reclaimed” wood from old barns, etc. as much as possible to build the effigy and temple  As the years have progressed, reclaimed wood has been harder to come by (not to mention all ya damn hippies decorating your houses with reclaimed barn wood … so hot right now), so we have bought some materials the past couple of years .

Hillbillies are strong, resilient, and have survived throughout the ages on their craft and ingenuity.  Reclaimation began in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky, and we honor the Hillbillies throughout the world for their grit and determination. As we strive to live the 10 Principles and keep the spirit of Burning Man alive, we look at how we can not only better the burner community, but our everyday default lives as well. While we are here on the topic of principles, we would like to point out the official unofficial principle that we adhere to. For poops and giggles lets call it “Principle 0” or the foundation for all the others out there. CONSENT! Consent is not a new idea, just one that has finally been given its time to shine. Here at HBR we love consent and are more than happy to teach anyone and everyone about it.

So now “why?” come to HBR? Have you ever experienced a pickle back and a paddlin’? We also have a Goat that sometimes teaches his coveted fire dance. Pineapples and penguins are some weird back alley cult like thing here. Children are always welcome and encouraged to participate in their own way! I personally look forward to the burner “beauty pageant” every year where so many burgins (burner virgins) erupt from that shell they have so long been dormant in since childhood ended. We once had an effigy/theme dedicated entirely to the disdain of pants that was VOTED in by the people. I could talk this place up till the cows come home but I’m hoping you see the trend here. COMMUNITY. The community in this place is one of a kind. There is a reason we call it the “Burns family reunion”.

Yes, I also mentioned volunteering! This event is run 100% on volunteers! Isn’t that something? Volunteering can be anything as simple as picking up a piece of moop (matter out of place or better known as garbage) or as deeply involved as helping build the effigy.Yes we would love you to help build an effigy! Just watch out for my fingers with that hammer will ya? You can find out more about volunteering on this here site. Or you can ask any one of the lovely BOD members (Board of Directors) or Team Leads for more information on it.

LNT or Leave No Trace, is a very, very important aspect of our culture.  There are no garbage cans, so if you pack it in, you MUST pack it out!  Planning is essential to cut down on the amount of waste you accumulate during your time at the burn.

Come help us build Singe City, form a community where the inhabitants take care of each other, and then tear it down and leave the land without a trace. That’s what we do. Reclaimation is  entirely volunteer run and its very existence depends on YOU! That’s right…YOU make the event…YOU are the event.