1: TICKETS GO ON SALE FEBRUARY 14TH AT NOON. The ticket link will be posted here, on the event page, and on the website.

2: A COVID VACCINE CARD OR RECENT (within 48 hours) NEGATIVE TEST RESULT WILL BE REQUIRED AT THE GATE. Please don’t show up at the gate without one or the other because you WILL NOT be allowed to enter and no refunds will be given in this circumstance. Let’s all be responsible, mature, adults here and remember that one of our 10 Principles is Communal Responsibility.

3: In the event that the local hospitals and emergency services are being overrun near the date of the event, there is the possibility of a late-date cancellation. We are going to strive to make Reclaimation-2022 happen, but not at the expense of the burner or local community in which our event is held. We will keep the community updated.