At Reclaimation, we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for all participants. To ensure such an atmosphere is upheld, certain behaviors will not be tolerated – including any that could put the safety of other participants at risk or damage event property in any way. If these rules are broken, individuals may face removal from the premises as well as potential bans on attending future gatherings. We reserve the right to deny access to anyone if needed; ultimately allowing us all to enjoy Reclaimation together!

Consent Violations

Reclaimation is all about respect – gaining consent before engaging with someone’s body and communicating clearly. If the recipient of your gift isn’t comfortable, don’t forget to accept a ‘no’. Be sure you get explicit permission for any images or recordings taken during Reclaimation too!


Respect someone’s wishes for personal space! Verbal harassment, even if it is small and seemingly harmless, can have serious consequences. Making sure to remain in communication with respect and understanding helps build strong relationships between people.


Events are best enjoyed when everyone is invited and those who have not been given permission to attend can be excluded. Having a private event can bring about wonderful benefits for many, but let’s all remember that unwelcome trespassers are not welcome!

Respect Our Surroundings

Respect the space and culture of your community by disposing of rubbish in an appropriate way – avoid taking advantage of resources that don’t belong to you.

Destruction of Property/Theft

We want people to act responsibly when it comes to others’ property, which means avoiding any destruction or taking of possessions unless given permission. In the event that something was unintentionally damaged by you, please take care of it directly with the owner.