Here it is guys! Tickets for Reclaimation 2024 go on sale at noon on February 29, 2024. Tickets will be $65 until March 7th when they will go up to $75. Children’s tickets (5-17 years of age) will be $25. Children under 5 are free entry. Discount tickets for Department Leads and Co-Leads will be $55. There will be a separate link for the Lead/Co-Lead tickets. We still do not have an insurance quote, so we’re flying by the seat of our pants over here and praying to all the deities that it won’t be over $5000.
Get those tickets early so we can do all the planning and infrastructure stuff early. Cap is set at 100 until the volunteer sign-ups are 75% full. If/when we reach 75% volunteer-sign-ups then we’ll raise the cap to 150.
Hope to see y’all in the mountains.