Optimism is good. Look for those silver linings even when things are crappy. Are things crappy for you? Do you feel like you need a vacation; time away from the day-to-day toils and struggles of default? Are humdrum, lackluster, normal, days following one after another? When was the last time you dressed like a panda? or Rainbow Brite? You know you need it…NO…you CRAVE it. That exuberant feeling of being that panda in all your glorious PANDANESS!!

Then get your hiney to Reclaimation and let it all loose. But, what’s this? You can’t afford a ticket? Defaultia is dumping you in the creek and you don’t even have a paddle? Silver Lining Alert:
Because we love you and want you to be whatever it is that you want to be whenever you want to be it, we’re giving away 10 ‘Up the Creek” tickets. We also have 2 Sponsorship tickets left over from last year. Thank you to Sarah Bee for all her hard work and dedication to that effort! To be in the drawing for one of the 12 tickets, send an email to reclaimationbod@gmail.com BEFORE midnight on March 25, 2024. In the subject line, put Up the Creek Ticket. The first 10 emails received will get a free ticket. Good luck!