Experience the remarkable power of collective action at a Burn – an event where everyone’s participation creates something extraordinary. Join your community in creating and running a unique, unforgettable celebration that comes together from nothing, before dispersing back into oblivion.

Reclaimation isn’t about sitting back and watching the show. It’s a dynamic event that relies on its participants to make it special! There are no outside sponsors or advertisers here – just you, your fellow Burners, and the spirit of gifting that makes Reclaimation come alive. Join us in creating an amazing experience together at this one-of-a-kind festival!

Achieving success at your event requires a strong sense of community and personal responsibility. Make sure you are prepared with all the necessities, from provisions like food and water to emergency supplies such as fuel or first-aid kits!

At Singe City, we gather our collective talents and imaginations to craft an unforgettable experience! With its creative Theme Camps, fire performances, music events and more – it’s the perfect place for revelers to come together as a community of individuals united by their passion for self-expression. Best of all: each guest looks out not only for themselves but also helps maintain a safe environment that lasts long after they’ve left!