General policies

Come out, be yourself and let your creative expression flow! But also keep in mind that rules exist to ensure our burn remains a happy and secure space for all.

No tourists, no spectators. Participants only!


This event offers a thrilling experience with fire performances and installations, but please take caution! There are no lifeguards on duty so all potential risks fall to you. Understandably, this could lead to injury or death – be mindful of your safety while enjoying the show.

We understand you want to bring your furry pal along, but please leave them at home! Our event is for humans only unless it’s a service animal; otherwise, both our participants and pets can be put in danger. To ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience, we ask that all attendees adhere to the “in & out” policy – so no sneaking Fido inside!

Reclaimation is an exciting one-of-a-kind experience, and we would be thrilled to have you join us! Everyone pays their own way – event organizers included – so everyone can enjoy this unique opportunity.

Have plans changed? Don’t worry! It’s possible to still make an opportunity out of your invitation by selling it to another willing participant. However, please note that there are no refunds available on these invitations.

Vehicular travel is prohibited during the event – only pre-approved mobile art pieces with decorations allowed.

This event is free of any potential distractions that come with commercial activity – no vending, advertising or payment transactions will be allowed. So make sure to bring all the supplies you need beforehand!

To ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, it is vital to abide by all federal laws concerning the possession, sale or consumption of illegal drugs as well as distribution of alcohol to minors. By following these regulations we can work together in creating a safe environment for us all!

Respect the land and come prepared! At this event, it’s important to remember that whatever you bring with you should be taken away. Be sure to equip yourself with some trash bags or containers – none will be provided onsite

Flame Effect Policies

Personal Responsibility
Working with flame effects requires diligence and safety awareness at all times. It is essential to remain alert while operating fire-related equipment, not indulging in any intoxicants beforehand.

Safety Perimeter
Ensure your events have an entertaining and safe atmosphere by creating a flame effects safety perimeter. It’s important to establish this well in advance of the performance, keeping 20 feet free from any combustible materials or anything that might overhang it.

To ensure everyone’s safety, only individuals trained in the risks and hazards of LP-Gas tanks and liquid fuel filling should handle this equipment. All attendants must don protective gear such as glasses and gloves to prevent accidents while performing these activities.

Daily Safety Check
Before lighting up, it’s essential to do a daily check of flame effect components and their connections. If something looks off during the safety check or while operating, don’t take chances – get your Fire Safety Liaison on board right away before proceeding!

Operating Guidelines
Before operating any flame effects, always double check to make sure everyone is ready and safe. Additionally, use common sense when running a flame effect; don’t put performers or property at risk!

Attending to Flame Effects
Flame effects can be mesmerizing and even captivating when monitored, but in the mountain winds they may become downright dangerous without proper supervision. Do not leave your flame effect unmonitored! Egregious misuse or multiple offenses of this rule could result in confiscation and/or disabling of the device by authorities.

No Smoking or Open Flame
To ensure safety, smoking and open flames are strictly forbidden within 10 feet of any storage area containing flammable liquids or fuel gases. All such substances should be kept in approved containers at all times — except when filling or dispensing them to a system for use.

Sound Policies

Sound Camps are the perfect way to make your event extra vibrant! However, these special camps require a unique point-of contact – someone who can provide reliable info and cooperate with sound teams in emergency situations while managing music systems. Sound camps may be asked to lower their levels at the discretion of the BOD.

If you are planning to use a generator in your camp, please consider using a dampening box. This will help minimize noise and fumes from spilling across camps so as not to cause disruption or harm to other participants at the event.

In the event of an emergency, Sound Camps will be asked to cut sound completely until the BOD have cleared the emergency.

Policies Regarding Minors

  • All minor children must have a valid ticket, regardless of age.
  • Children under 12 are admitted for free, but must posses a valid ticket.
  • The child’s ticket must be presented to gate personnel for verification at the Entrance Gate.
  • The parent must list an emergency contact person, who will be present at the event at all times the child is present.
  • Children must be in the care, custody, and control of the parent, guardian, or emergency contact at all times. Sleeping children may not be left in camps unattended.
  • In no event are children permitted to leave the event boundaries other than through the entrance gate, whether or not they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or emergency contact
  • Minor children, and persons under 21 are not permitted in adult-themed camps, or areas, which must be screened from view, under any circumstances, regardless of parental consent.
  • Minor children, and persons under 21, are not permitted to drink alcohol, nor to violate any other law, regardless of parental consent.
  • If the child and parent, guardian, or emergency contact become separated at any time during the event, each should report to the nearest Ranger, who will issue the appropriate response, in compliance with ICS standards.

Privacy Policies